Q. If I live out of state, can I still join the Special Forces in Utah?
A. Yes, you have to be a member of the Utah National Guard. If you are already in the Guard it's an interstate transfer.

Q. How do I join the Special Forces?
A. Contact us  at: andrew.g.warren6@UtahSpecialForces.com

Q. What types of Special Forces schools can I go to after I complete the Special Forces qualification course.?
A. We have SCUBA, Military Free Fall, Advance Special Operations,  Ranger, Pathfinder, Sniper, SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat), Air Assault, Mountaineering and many, many more. We also have sustainment training in each specialty.

Q. What If I just want to go to Airborne School?
A. If you already have a military occupational skill or just want to go to one of the shorter schools, we have vacancies for cooks, mechanics, communication experts, military linguists, and many others, and they all require you to go to the Basic Airborne Course (BAC) 

Q. If I just got off active duty, can I join the National Guard and not lose my college benefits?
A. Absolutely. You may also qualify for an affiliation bonus along with your monthly drill pay. You can also take a “Try One” meaning you can sign up for one year to see if this is for you.

Q. What If I join and want to go on a religious mission?
A. The Guard has a program just for missionaries. You can transfer to the inactive guard and the amount of time that you are on your mission is added to your contractual obligations.

Q. What about pay?
A. After you complete the Special Forces Qualification Course you are eligible for Special Forces incentive pay, $375 language pay, and $150 jump pay. Other specialty pays include, scuba and military freefall (Halo).

Q. What about being deployed?
A. When called upon, the Utah National Guard answers that call. You can be activated to support the war on terrorism, called upon to support disaster relief, or to support humanitarian missions in foreign countries.

For inquires about Special Forces email us at: andrew.g.warren6@UtahSpecialForces.com